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Please notify the Instructor as soon as possible of the type of hang gliding adventure you want - the schedule needs to planned for the upcoming season

  1. See lesson descriptions
  2. Check a lesson/course format below.
  3. If this is your first lesson, send a $25 nonrefundable deposit Payable to "Oregon Hang Gliding" to 131 NW 4th St PMB 273, Corvallis, OR 97330 or you may pay using credit card via the PayPal System. OHGS will send you a payment link. The paypal fee must be added to the lesson cost though. The remainder of the lesson fee is due at the lesson site before the lesson.
  4. Print out, read, fill out and bring the lesson waivers (click here) to the scheduled lesson.
  5. If you are planning to attain ratings then print out, fill out and bring the Lesson Policy (click here).
  6. Pepare for the lesson by reading the Preparation Guide (click here)
  7. Subscribe to the Lesson News List Here for ongoing notification of the probability of the lesson occurring. Tandem-lessons must get on the "On-Call List". You provide me the days when you are most available and if the weather looks good the day before, I CALL YOU for a tandem! Wouldn't that a be nice surprise? Remember, hang gliding is very weather dependent.
  8. Submission of this form, the lesson deposit and subscription to the list confirms date of lesson and sincerity of the request. Remember, all lessons have "WindChecks" so that you can re-schedule in the event of cancellations due to weather.
  9. Recheck the Lesson News on the day before and the morning of the lesson to confirm that the weather conditions are cooperating.

It takes 100 ground skimming and mid-level flights and 2 high altitude mountain lessons over a 4-6 month peroid to earn your hang one and hang two rating and be mountain ready. For the cost of a cheap ATV you will fly like an eagle and have the best most airworthy equipment!

See Lesson Policies

Introduction - $90.00 3 Flights One Lesson - $130.00 7-12 Flights
One Step Package - $500.00 3-5 sessions Parachute Course and Repack - $50.00
Camp - $130 per day *Entire 4-Step Program - $2000.00
*Tandem-Lesson - $130.00 to $150.00 Launch Site Orientation - $100.00
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Check Training Camp and Lesson Schedule before Registering

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For gift certificates, include the person's name and contact information here. Also include here any requests for special group lessons or individual special requests or questions.

By pressing Submit, you will be in communication with the instructor by email, phone and appointments. When all your quesions are answered and the dates and programs of instruction are cleared, you may pay by visa, check or our convienent online payment and deposit system before the lesson. (see our lessons policy)

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